With the flight to London not leaving until tonight I still expected to have a few more hours to enjoy in New York. However with one of Donald Trump’s Executive Orders creating chaos at some US airports, I thought that I’d better get to JFK as soon as possible.

New York is hardy renowned for its friendliness. Paris has a similar reputation although I didn’t really find that to be the case when I visited last June. My experience of New York has largely lived up to this stereotype though. Restaurant staff can sometimes get a bit arsey if you order something using slightly different terminology than they’re used to, people are visually unhappy if you’re not walking fast enough down the street in front of the for their liking and you may as well forget about a motorist allowing you to cross the street. I did find a nice lady at the subway station though who let me through the barrier after my MetroCard was damaged even though technically she could have made me get another card. At the airport I managed to avoid any protests. They seemed to be largely taking place at one of the other terminals.

I’d have liked a window seat to sleep in on the overnight flight. However despite logging in an hour after the check-in opened last night, there weren’t any left. It turned out that most of the plane contained first and business class seats. For the great unwashed there were only 12 rows of economy class as the rear of the plane, so just 24 window seats. As it turned out there wasn’t much time to sleep. After the meal and watching Jack Reacher: Never Go Back and David Brent: Life on the Road (both OK), there was only a couple of hours left for a bit of a snooze prior to landing in London.