Following the weekend football in Las Vegas can be a bit inconvenient due to the eight hour time difference with the UK. For some reason I was awake at 5.30am this morning, coinciding  with the second half of Swansea surprising Liverpool. Even after the Soccer Saturday show and the late game, it was still only around 11am and time to check out of the hotel.

While watching the football I attempted to check-in for tonight’s flight. I’m not usually that bothered about advance check-ins but with it being an overnight flight I wanted to make sure I had a window seat to make sleeping a bit easier. However I noticed that the flight to New York had changed from 10pm tonight to 8.05am tomorrow morning. I checked my emails and American Airlines had sent me a message in November to inform me of this. Presumably I’d either ignored it or it had got lost in the other 45 useless emails I get on a daily basis. There were no other flights tonight that I could change onto and even an afternoon flight from Las Vegas would arrive in New York in the early hours of the morning with no accommodation. You’re looking at least £100 for short-notice Saturday night hotels in Vegas so either way I was sleeping in an airport tonight. It was easier just to stick to what was already arranged so Hotel McCarran Airport it would be tonight!

The rest of the day was spent reasonably leisurely, like most of the past few days in Vegas. I bought a new sun hat, following my previous one being in a condition after Colombia that neither autoclaving nor fumigating could rescue. In a food establishment an attractive lady sitting on the next table was approached my a man who was clearly hitting on her. He demonstrated a magic trick that involved waving his hands around a pen, which appeared to move on its own. From where I was sitting, I could see the piece of wire between his hands as it caught the light! When he’d been bombed out I asked the young lady if she could see the wire. She said that she could but pretended to go along with the magic trick as she didn’t want him to feel bad! Afterwards I headed down to take the obligatory photo of the Las Vegas sign, patiently waiting in a queue between the throngs of wedding photographers and tourists.

A bit sunnier today