This morning I switched hotels to the establishment next door. They don’t look too dissimilar from the outside and are both in approximately the same star and price range. However the Howard Johnson is far superior to America’s “Best Value” Inn (inverted commas deliberately used). At Howard Johnson the shower worked simply by turning the handle (rather than having to run the water in the bathroom sink first), the decor style appeared to originate from this century, and  you were provided with toiletries and coffee making facilities. Even the WiFi worked without having to walk around the car park trying to get closer to the router! This was handy as I was able to get quite a bit of Asia planning done.

Not having turned the television on today I complete forgot about the circus show that was the Donald Trump inauguration. I didn’t hear anyone talking about it in Las Vegas. In fact, I’d imagine that quite a few people would have even taken a few days holiday in order to escape it all. The first mention I heard of it was when I received a text from my mum say that hopefully I wasn’t stuck in the middle of some riot! That evening I did spot a bit of Trump-related graffiti on the back of toilet door. I’m not condoning vandalism by the way, just reporting what I saw.

Moving hotels from the one on the left to the one on the right
I don’t normally take photos of toilet cubicle walls