I discovered that although the WiFi was dreadful in the room, you could just about get some functional internet by hanging around the hotel reception. Somehow I got the impression that my presence was preventing the two receptionists from larking around.

Loitering in the hotel reception provided some excellent people watching. I heard two complaints about the WiFi, someone moaning that no coffee was provided and another person kicking off down the phone about something to do with their water. A fellow came in to try and get his paperwork printed out for his upcoming America’s Got Talent audition. He told the receptionist that he was a Johnny Cash impersonator as he’d never seen this act on the show before. There may have been an issue of hum looking about as much like Johnny Cash as I do! Someone else came in and asked how much the cheapest room was for tonight. He was quoted $70 and accepted. I thought that was a bit steep for this Fawlty Towers-like establishment. As I was on the internet at the time I looked at prices. hotels.com were advertising rooms for £35 (about $43). I was in two minds whether to inform him of this although I didn’t want to risk annoying the receptionists even more than I already was by standing at the end of their desk. Although to have booked it he would have to have been able to connect to the internet first which was easier said than done in this place.