Most of the shows in Las Vegas seem to have been going for years; Blue Man Group, David Coperfield (the magician rather than the Charles Dickens adaptation), Celine Dion, etc. For the supposed entertainment capital of the world, a lot of it seems to be little more than glorified cabaret. Calvin Harris has become absolutely minted by playing a few records most weeks at the MGM. It seems crazy to an old man like me that the kids will fork out an arm and a leg to see this sort of thing! There’s also the touring acts that pass through Vegas. I had a look at who was playing during my stay. The stand out names were Rick Astley and The Isely Brothers. At least one of the brothers is from the original lineup.

Many trade shows are also held in Las Vegas and this week I noticed that the World of Concrete Expo and the Shot Show were in town. The Shot Show has nothing to do with Jagermeister or Fireball by the way. It more of a meetup for gun er enthuists.