According to the weather forecast, today was supposed to be the worst day of Winter Storm Jupiter with a full on ice storm expected in Kansas City. I’m not entirely sure what an ice storm is but the when I opened the curtains this morning the ice situation looked even worse than yesterday. There seemed to be a lot of moisture around that had frozen and a mist had descended. There’s a radio tower close to where I was staying that I used as a point of reference to get home yesterday. It wouldn’t have been much use today.

Linda was a perfectly pleasant lady to stay with and her apartment was fine but unlike some Airbnbs there was no breakfast offered. I didn’t fancy tottering too far on the ice today, especially with luggage in tow so I called in at the McDonald’s just around the corner. While this can hardly be classed as an exotic establishment I decided to opt for one of the local delicacies, a Sausage McGriddle. Or a sausage griddle as I refuse to pander to the ridiculous meal names. I had no idea of what this dish entailed but I discovered that it’s essentially a syrup sandwich with a round sausage in the middle. I’m not a big fan of sweet food, especially at breakfast and this thing was awful. Goodness knows what the nutritional stats were!

While in McDonald’s I pondered today’s options. One of the reasons why I came back to KC was to see some of the stuff that I missed when I was last here. By all accounts the best things that the city has to offer is the National World War 1 Museum. I really wanted to go but my sensible side was telling me to get to the airport as soon as possible in case the weather worsened and public transport halted. This decision was made for me when I discovered that the museum was closed today due to the inclement weather. After watching the end of the Man United v Liverpool game in The Dubliner I headed off to the airport bus. With the bus terminal in KC being outdoors the authorities had provided a warming bus for people to sit on while awaiting their bus to arrive, which was a nice touch. I couldn’t see First or Arriva doing that, or at least without charging you about £3.50 for the privilege to sit on the warm bus!

Today was a big football day in KC. We’re into the NFL playoffs now and Kansas City Chiefs were playing against my Pittsburgh Steelers. My Pittsburgh Steelers came as a result of me picking their name out of a hat in August. In KC there was Chiefs gear on display all over the place. Kickoff was put back from 2pm until 7pm as a result of the weather forecast. Apparently lots of people didn’t fancy even leaving the house to go to the game today. Tickets were available for as low as $30 on the secondary sales sites, figures almost unbelievable for such a huge game. While I was in the air to Los Angeles, Pittsburg managed to win a close game to put them one game away from the Super Bowl. I wish that I’d have had a bet on them in August.

The weather wasn’t great today
Icy on the streets of Kansas City
Go Kansas City Chiefs!