By far the most famous and visited place in Virginia is Richmond. Therefore today I headed over to the state capital for a look.

Most Greyhound buses seem to be equipped with WiFi and more often than not, provided the bus isn’t too busy, it tends to work. A few days ago I was scouring the darts internet forums, something I occasionally do to pass a bit of time. Someone was bigging up the chances of a rank outsider in the BDO World Championship. They claimed that Paul Hogan was a much better player than his odds suggested. Betfair were offering 220/1 on Crocodile Dundee (yes that’s really his alias) winning the tournament. Therefore I placed a £2 bet on a Hogan win. He got through the first two rounds and today met number one seed and red-hot favourite, Glen Durrant. Durrant was even-money to win the tournament and something ridiculous like 1/10 in this game. To the uninitiated, my man was essentially a no hoper! There’s a website that shows live darts, not in the form of a video feed but as a diagram of a dart board, highlighting each score in real-time with the relevant section of the board lighting up. Despite the occasional loss of WiFi, this worked for most of the bus ride to Richmond and certainly made the trip more interesting. In a first to four sets contest, Hogan unbelievably went 3-0 up. He then went and won the next two legs, meaning that he was one leg from victory. Crocodile Dundee managed to miss a couple of match darts, with Durrant fighting back to win the set. No worries, Hogan was still 3-1 up and firmly in the driving seat. At this point the coach had arrived in Richmond. By the time I found somewhere to log onto the internet later I discovered that Crocodile Dundee had missed further match darts and had managed to snatch defeat from the claws of victory! I don’t like it when sports people are called bottle jobs, especially by people who possess a fraction of their talent. It’s difficult to think of another description for this though!

Richmond is another place with a really good hostel. It’s in a nice converted building, albeit not quite as nice as the one in Sacramento. The hostel seems very new and has excellent facilities; a pool table, a nice kitchen, a decent breakfast, good showers, comfy beds, two pillows, etc. Just around the corner from the hostel was the Third Street Diner, a 24-hour place complete with authentic booths like where John Travolta and Samuel L Jackson were sitting at the start and end of Pulp Fiction. Hopefully that isn’t a spoiler!