Richmond is a city rich in history. During the civil war it served as the capital of the Confederate States of America. A lot of the colonial architecture never survived past then but there plenty of Civil War landmarks around today. The focal point of the city seems to be Capitol Square where the impressive Virginia State Capitol is located, along with many other grand structures in the surrounding area. Just up the road is the White House of the Confederacy where the southern president, Jefferson Davis, resided for a short time. I thought that the actual White House in Washington DC seemed smaller than you’d imagine but this is even more modest. Its modern day setting is a bit strange, with a large hospital having been built around it in central Richmond. While I was outside reading the historical information plaques, hospital staff and patients were constantly walking past. The Accident and Emergency entrance was located only about 20 yards behind the building!

After a pleasant few hours walking around Richmond it was onto the Megabus to Washington DC and then onward to Ronald Reagan Airport. I always thought it was peculiar (and possibly even a bit ironic) that an airport would be named after the president who sacked, en masse, air traffic controllers for having the audacity to take industrial action. The airport is really close to the city, maybe about three miles from central Washington. While this is makes access extremely convenient, it also means that space is at a premium in the airport and inside seemed really cramped and busy. The Trump inauguration merchandise was already on sale in the airport shops. Tonight’s destination was Kansas City. I’ve been there recently but it’s a long story that I’ll explain tomorrow.

Virginal State Capitol
Downtown Richmond
White House of the Confederacy
Main Street Station, a nice view from the Megabus stop
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