I’ve been hearing quite a bit about the ensuing Winter Storm Jupiter that was supposedly coming to Kansas city this weekend. Yesterday I asked in the cinema about film times for today. The clerk behind the counter said that she wouldn’t advise venturing today. Initially I thought that she was being a bit of a square but when I opened the curtains and looked at the street outside she may have had a point. There were literally sheets of ice across both the road and pavement. I tottered around on the ice to get about 100 yards to the main road where conditions underfoot were a bit better. The main roads seemed to have been gritted although the pavements/sidewalks were a bit hit and miss. Some businesses and houses had cleared the ice outside their properties while in other parts it was very much still intact. The best was to avoid going a over t was to walk along the bus lane while paying attention to any upcoming buses. Grass verges are also quite good to walk along in frozen conditions. The risk of treading in some frozen dog dirt may not be pleasant but it’s better than a broken collarbone following a slip.

I braved the walk down to the midtown area of KC, somewhere I didn’t make it on my last visit. It seemed like a nice place with lots of parkland, beautiful old apartment buildings, plenty of shopping and a bit of a river area. One of the facts that’s often trotted out about KC is that it has more fountains than Rome. I saw a fair few of them today although most appeared to either be frozen or drained of water. Nearby was Country Club Plaza. This area was developed back in the 1920s as the first  shopping centre in the world designed to accommodate the automobile. Its architecture was inspired by Seville in Spain. Today it remains a shopping district and is really nice to walk around. On the way back home I stopped off at the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art, an impressive looking building set in lovely landscaped grounds that also contains a sculpture park. For some reason there seemed to be a series of shuttlecock sculptures across the huge lawn. That’s not an auto correct spelling by the way. Shuttlecocks, as in the things you play badminton with!

City of fountains
Country Club Plaza
A frozen Brush Creek
Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art and the world’s largest shuttlecock
The Donald J Hall Sculpture Park