I’ve got just under two weeks left in the United States before heading off to India (via a couple of stopovers in Europe). I’ll be flying out of New York so plan to spend four days there before leaving. This leaves just over a week to sort out before then. I never envisaged going to Las Vegas any time in the foreseeable future but I’ve thought about a potential business opportunity that I want to check out in Vegas. I don’t really want to go any more details on the internet in case it appears on a future episode of Dragon’s Den. Also Las Vegas has an abundance of cheap hotels. The secret mission won’t last a full week so I looked for somewhere to visit for this weekend, preferably on the way from Washington DC to Vegas. Reasonably priced flights were available to Kansas City, added with the fact that I enjoyed my last visit to KC. That was good enough for me so therefore Kansas City was the winner.

Last time in Kansas City I made the schoolboy error of staying in a hotel out in the suburbs where the bus service was more than a little sparse. This time I found a place on Airbnb right in the thick of the action. I emailed the Airbnb host a couple of days ago asking when it would be convenient for me to come around, with a strong hint that I’d like to drop my bags off this morning. Unfortunately this hint was either not interpreted or ignored and to avoid lugging my luggage all day I found a cinema to watch the average Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.

At teatime I headed over to the apartment, where Linda was waiting. This was the first Airbnb where I’ve stayed with a single woman so obviously I didn’t look too scary on my profile for her to accept my booking request! My room had a lock on it which helped me sleep better in a stranger’s house. Linda didn’t seem to be the world’s biggest talker so I retired to the pleasant enough bedroom and its Netflix equipped telly.