The next stop was Chattanooga. Observant readers of this blog may have noticed that I’ve already been there last summer. However it fitted most of the criteria of the next place that I was looking to stay in. Chattanooga has an excellent hostel and is also a nice little city to take it easy for a couple of days after a hectic last week or so in Los Angeles and Nashville. It’s also a relatively short two-hour coach ride across Tennessee from Nashville. Slightly confusingly we passed through a time zone at some point, with Chattanooga being an hour ahead of Nashville.

When I stayed at the Crash Pad Hostel during the summer, there didn’t appear to be very many other guests. I thought that it may be virtually empty on a January mid-week, however there were actually a few others staying. This was nice to see as I hope the place does well. Quite a few of the guests were into climbing as there is supposed to be some excellent local rocks for that kind of thing. These must be hardcore climbers though, with the temperature barely above freezing. After a bit of climbing small talk I retired to my solid, wall-mounted bunk bed, complete with blackout curtain. This made it not too dissimilar to one of those Japanese-style capsule beds.