Next up was a bit of a random place. Chattanooga does have an airport but of the eight destinations served, I’ve been to all of them that I have any interest in visiting. Atlanta is not that far away and the huge Hartsfield-Jackson Airport opens up a whole range of potential destinations. The excellent flight comparison website, Kayak, has a feature where you can put in an airport and date and it will point out flight destinations and prices on a map. I queried Atlanta Airport tomorrow and all sorts of options came up. One of the more intriguing was Roanoke, which to be honest I’d never previously heard of. The flight was a reasonable $64 so I investigated further. Roanoke is in the western part of Virginia, not to be confused with West Virginia, although that isn’t actually very far away. It had a nice enough write up on Wikitravel so I was off to Roanoke.

With the flight departing at just after 5am tomorrow morning there was little choice but an overnight sleep in Atlanta Airport. Most of the afternoon was spent loitering around a sports bar near Chattanooga Greyhound Station watching the NFL playoffs, before getting on the bus to eventually arrive at the airport in the evening. Being a veteran of two previous nights at this airport I knew exactly where to find the comfy sofas. However there’s been all sorts of cancelled flights from Atlanta over the last couple of days due to inclement weather. With the passenger backlog still being cleared, people were sleeping all over the place in the airport. Finding a seat took a while but I eventually got one.

While I was nodding off some sort of security alert occurred. Without wishing to give away Atlanta Airport’s security protocols, the terminal lights started flashing and an announcement was made. We were informed that an incident had been reported and to please stand by for further information. This sort of thing is likely to put people on edge, particularly with the recent shooting at Fort Lauderdale Airport. Fortunately nothing else was heard of regarding tonight’s potential incident. Twitter can sometimes be a useful source for rumours, unconfirmed stories or just plain old-fashioned scaremongering. At the time I searched for “Atlanta Airport” and the first result may or may not had something to do with the alert. A decent blog would have screenshotted it but I’ll just copy and paste:
curreymich @curreymich 2m2 minutes ago
@ATLairport dude in green hat brown jacket headed down b terminal yelling delta sucks. Being a dick.