In hindsight today was a bit of a waste of a day considering the relatively limited time I had in Los Angeles. The plan was to get out of the city and down to Orange County. I purchased the train ticket and had a look around the terrific Los Angeles Union Station. When I stepped outside it began to rain. Optimistically I still boarded the, hoping that it may brighten up. It didn’t.

As a teenager I sometimes watched the television programme, The OC. I didn’t necessarily go out of my way to deliberately view it, more because it was was easy to watch on Sunday mornings when hungover. It seems no coincidence that most of The OC was set on the beach. All that seems to be there is the shoreline, strip malls and Disneyland. I’m sure that the beaches are really nice when it isn’t raining but it all seemed to be very similar to the beach communities of San Diego which I’d spent the previous week at. If the battery hadn’t have ran out on my camera I’d have taken a photo of a drizzly-looking pier and windswept beach. I did manage to charge it on the train back to LA so at least I was able to get a photo of the Capitol Records Building looking resplendent in festive lighting.

Back in Hollywood I had a look around Amoeba Music. This is my favourite record shop anywhere and I could happily spend hours looking around. It would have been great to have bought some stuff to take home but that would have meant carrying it around. I’m also trying to avoid spending travelling funds on material stuff that can be purchased any time in the future.

Union Station’s impressive interior
A Christmassy Capitol records Building