Having fallen asleep early last night, I was wide awake at 5am the morning. This coincided nicely with an afternoon session at the World Darts Championship, again by the marvel of the internet. It still wasn’t even 9am when this had finished. Thankfully I felt a bit better this morning. Still not 100% but when you’re travelling to places that you may never visit again you sometimes need to force yourself out. It was also nice to see that the weather was considerably warmer today, somewhere around what it should be in San Diego this time of year.

I started off by having a look around Old Town San Diego, which isn’t that far from Ocean Beach. It’s an area that was some sort of old settlement (the internet is too slow to check the exact details). Nowadays the Old Town is a designated state park that contains historic buildings, museums, as well as nice parkland.

Next I got on a bus headed up the coast to La Jolla. I figured out that this place probably wasn’t pronounced as it looks in phonetic English so I managed to avoid that faux pas. However when I mentioned to someone in the know at the hostel that I was off to “La Holl-er” it was greeted with a laugh. Apparently it’s more like “La Hoy-ya.” San Diego seems like a fairly wealthy city and La Jolla is supposed to be one of the fanciest parts. It’s a lovely seaside town with plenty of swish hotels, expensive-looking boutiques and some seriously fancy car showrooms. There’s some really nice landscaped areas and clifftop paths to walk along. Further up the coast are supposed to be decent beaches, although I never made it that far.

I was back in Ocean Beach for an excellent sunset. For the past few days there was barely any sun to provide such a spectacle. After that is was nothing too strenuous as I attempted to get rid of this cold.

Old Town San Diego
La Jolla seafront
More La Jolla seafront
Finally, an Ocean Beach sunset