I was going to say Happy Christmas but as wordpress puts the publication date I can’t pretend that I wrote this on Christmas Day when it was actually two weeks later.

There were Christmas mimosas provided by the hostel although I missed these due to still being in bed well past the 10am serving time. The person kicking off in the hostel last night was asked to leave this morning, presumably due to his aggressive and offensive behaviour. It seems a bit harsh to chuck someone out on Christmas Day. However the girl who was the subject of his tirades was quite upset and from what I heard he wasn’t especially apologetic. He had a hire car so it wouldn’t have been very difficult for him to find somewhere else to stay.

The expected Christmas Day sun in San Diego never materialised. It probably didn’t get much more than 10C today. The hostel doesn’t have a great deal of indoor communal space and when I was on the patio speaking to my family on the phone, it felt genuinely cold.

Walking around Ocean Beach seemed like a popular Christmas Day activity. There’s a huge pier that provides great views of the area. While the concrete pier lacks the charm of a rickety wooden structure, there’s less of a worry regarding sticking your foot through a rotten plank. Dog walkers, skateboarders, joggers and buskers were out in force today. Surfing is hugely popular in this area and to someone who knows absolutely nothing about surfing it seemed a good day for it.

Back at the hostel, the Christmas tunes were blaring out. I finally heard Fairytale of New York too which officially signified Christmas. I rustled up my dinner which turned out to be one of the better offerings that I saw today. Even if I say so myself! There were plenty of people getting stuck into the booze but I decided to take it fairly easy. Initially I thought that I felt a bit off due to being slightly hungover from last night. However as the day wore on, I felt as though I was coming down with something so had a reasonably early night. Christmas Day on Ocean Beach was certainly a different experience to being back home.

Ocean Beach Pier
Ocean Beach beach, as seen from the pier
Somewhere on my Christmas Day walk
It may not look amazing but there was only a microwave and one pan to cook with