I’ve already seen a fair bit of the touristy stuff that San Diego has to offer; Pacific Beach, Balboa Park and Coronado Island. The zoo and Sea World don’t particularly do much for me. Downtown San Diego is always nice to walk around though so I headed over there for a wander.

Back home, Christmas Eve has traditionally been a bit of a drinking day. This afternoon I decided to have a look around the numerous bars in San Diego’s Gaslamp Quarter. There were a few people out but it didn’t seem particularly busy. Speaking to some of the locals, Christmas Eve in the US is more of a family day rather than an excuse to party.

Today’s “isn’t it a small world story” happened when the next person along the bar from me clocked my accent. She explained she moved to the UK, married her partner who was from the deepest depths of Wales, and for some reason they ended up living in New Brighton. By all accounts it didn’t work out so here she was back in San Diego. I

Upon returning to the the hostel, things seemed to be getting into the Christmas spirit. There were festive-shaped cookies and mulled wine being handed out. Everyone seemed to be having a good time. However sometimes there’s a person who acts like a bit of an arse. He was from England and arrived at the hostel today. I took an instant dislike to him when I heard him talking to another guest. He claimed to be from London and told the person he was talking to how about how some provincial UK accents sound awful to him. What seemed a bit strange was that he was talking in an accent that sounded as though it originated from somewhere between those famous London suburbs of Derby and Nottingham! Later on there was a group of people sat around the table talking about all sorts of stuff. This charachter then continued to behave like a knob, letting everyone know how great Brexit has been for the UK and how wonderful he thinks Donald Trump is. A girl from California politely challenged him on his rationale. In the end he got into a huff, held his hand up to her in a comedic stop signal and announced that he wasn’t going to talk to her any more. His next topic of conversaition was something to do with US culture is dominated by the Spanish language. I thought this was a bit out of order as there were quite a few Hispanic guests in the hostel. The same girl again challenged him. Mr London then noticed that the girl was drinking one of his cans of beer. I think she may have actually been, although I don’t know if it was some sort of mistake. He proceeded to pick up the can off the table, throw it against the back wall of the patio wall, say quite a few rude things before eventually storming off. That halted the proceedings quite abruptly. I suppose that’s why you shouldn’t talk politics with strangers. Especially if you don’t agree with them!

Most people took all the fun and games as a cue to head out to the couple of bars still open in Ocean Beach and it turned out to be a good night.

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