They must have loved me in the hostel room, coughing and spluttering all night. I woke up this morning with a bit of a fever and a really sore throat. It was well after midday when I finally dragged myself out of bed. By the magic of the internet, there was quite a lot of Boxing Day football to keep me entertained this morning.

There’s no such thing as Boxing Day in the USA, although the holiday is observed in Canada. If you mention it to Americans, they’ll look confused and many will ask if it has anything to do with punching people. That’s not even a joke!

When I finally forced myself out for a bit of a walk, I noticed that although there was more stuff open today than on Christmas Day, most places remained closed. I never got any further than the beach at the end of the road today. Some lads from the hostel were playing football and invited me to join in. However I was wheezing like a proverbial wild man. Simply walking to the end of the street was an effort. A game of football may have seen me off!

That’s all that happened on one of the lower key Boxing Days that I’ve experienced. I had an early night, accompanied by Netflix where I’ve finally started to watch House of Cards.