Yesterday I mentioned about how people come to Palm Springs for guaranteed sun and it clearly doesn’t rain here due to the open-air style of the airport. Well that obviously put a jinx on things as when I opened the curtains this morning, it was pouring down. Unfortunately the area is set up for outdoorsy types of activity. There’s plenty of golf courses and outdoor shopping malls, none of which really appeal to me. I’d have like to have gone in the hotel pool if it wouldn’t have ruined my new tattoo. Hiking in the hills wasn’t really an option today and there’s a also a gondola ride into the mountains but this would have been pointless with the lack of a view.

For a long time Palm Springs has been a retreat for famous people. They love to name streets after celebrities. I’ve seen Bing Crosby Drive, Bob Hope Drive and Frank Sinatra Drive. Like in Los Angeles, there’s a tour of celebrity homes available. The list I saw included the likes of Elizabeth Taylor, Dean Matin, Elvis, Liberace and Marilyn Monroe. It was difficult to find a name that was still alive! As with the Beverly Hills equivalent I gave this a miss on the grounds that I’d feel like a bit of a peeping Tom looking through people’s gates.

I put my coat on, turned left out of the hotel and walk into Palm Desert, probably the second biggest tourist area, behind palm Spring itself. Palm Desert felt a little bit soulless with its endless line of shopping malls, car showrooms and chain restaurants. There was a bit of a town centre which included El Paseo, a road with retail names on par with Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills.

On the walk back to the hotel it eventually stopped raining so I had a look around the sculpture garden of the Palm Spring Art Museum. The only thing that stood out (to the uninitiated art critic) was an exhibit by Jaume Plensa, who also produced the giant head sculpture in Grant Park, Chicago.

El Paseo, Palm Desert
Not much of a view today
A Juame Plensa sculpture