Most definitions of desert will mention something about a dry, barren area of land. Google suggests that deserts should have less than 10 inches of rainfall per year. Palm Springs gets around 2.9 inches annually, easily qualifying it for desert classification. Surely it can’t rain two days in a row in the desert? Obviously it did. Looking at the meteorological records (as I didn’t have anything else better to do) there was 1.1 inches of rainfall yesterday and today. Or 38% of the annual rainfall in the two days I was here!

Palm Springs has a lot more character than the shopping malls and chain hotels of neighbouring Palm Desert and Rancho Mirage. The city seems to have been around for a lot longer, with a proper high street and pedestrianised areas to walk around, at least when the weather is a bit nicer. There’s plenty of art shops, boutique clothes stores and nice restaurants, catering to the higher end, senior market.

On Palm Springs main thoroughfare,  Canyon Drive, there’s one of those walk of fames that places seem to think that the tourists love. Presumably to cater to the local demographics, it’s hard to find anyone on there who is still going strong. The tiles also obviously weren’t designed to be wet. They were absolutely lethal today. I almost went flying on Mickey Rooney!

Still raining in Palm Springs
The view’s supposed to be great behind the mist
Extremely slippery when wet