There’s actually a fair bit more to The Biggest Little City in the World than simply casinos. Reno puts an effort into attracting tourists away from its higher profile Nevada counterpart, Las Vegas. I was going to say neighbour but Las Vegas and Reno are at opposite ends of the state, over 400 miles apart. The area around the river is quite pleasant, with landscaped parkland. There are plenty of historic hotels still around that must have seen some sights over the years. My favourite Reno building is the Pioneer Centre for the Performing Arts. From the outside, this theatre looks like a giant golden tortoise shell. Reno’s main library is unlike any I’ve ever seen. Its exterior is a bog-standard 1960s/1970s design. However inside was akin to visiting tropical botanical gardens. Most of the plants seemed to be real too.

Reno is still dominated by casinos and competition for your custom is fierce. All sorts of American Football matches were taking place this afternoon. My boys, the Pittsburgh Steelers, won and seem to be doing quite well (at least to the uninitiated). Plenty of casino bars seem to be sell sub-$2 beers. I ordered a $6.99 steak dinner before the waitress kindly pointed me in the direction of the $5.99 prime rib special that also included a soup starter. This is what Vegas used to be like before the corporations took over the casinos!

Downtown Reno
$5.99 steak dinner
West Elm and the Pioneer Center for the Performing Arts
Reno Riverwalk
Reno Library