It was back onto the shuttle bus this morning and onward to Reno. I was stayed in the Ramada Hotel and Casino, a large establishment on the edge of town. It took about a quarter an hour walk to get into the thick of the Reno action. The hotel itself was quite nice. A solid three-star place. I was on the 11th floor, with a nice view of the city and mountains. At night the neon lights looked great.

Reno is like what I’d imagine downtown Las Vegas to have been back in the day, prior to when the big corporations owned everything. It’s a bit rough around the edges but there are some nice historic casinos. Harrah’s, Atlantis and Eldorado are decent quality establishments. Especially in comparison to the casino attached to the hotel where I’m staying. Here it’s a dollar a beer and for an extra 50c they’ll throw in a hotdog. I’m a budget eater while travelling but fortunately I haven’t had to find out what a half-dollar hotdog tastes like. I dread to think what the meat content is, among the offal, toenails and whatever else is in it. How you can make any money at these prices is beyond me but I suppose that’s what the fruit machines are there for. By around 6pm quite a collection of human beings had congregated in the casino. All you could heard was shouting, slurring, effing and blinding, yelping and hollering. And that was just the women. Sorry! To enhance the ambiance of the hotel/casino there was also a topless cabaret parlour bar located at the end of the car park.

Nice view from the 11th floor of the Ramada
Looks pretty good at night too
The Ramada in the background, behind one of the local entertainment options