I’d planned on visiting one of Reno’s major attractions this morning, the National Bowling Stadium. Ten pin bowling is a big deal in Reno and I think this is the only bowling stadium in the US. There’s also an adjoining museum. Anyway for some reason I got sidetracked and completely forgot to go!

The hotel breakfast consisted of some sort of slightly weird American combo. You were given two sausages (which were technically burgers, like the sausage Maccies sell), two fried eggs, two hash browns, biscuits and gravy (which translated into English are something like sweet bread with pepper sauce). That was all I’d have to eat until teatime. The bus to Sacramento left at 1pm so I was hoping to get something to eat in or around the Greyhound station prior to leaving. However there were slim pickings on the food options. There wasn’t even a vending machine. To make matters worse the person sitting next to me had brought a full Chinese banquet onto the coach. He ate about half of it and saved the rest. All I could smell was nice food, while being absolutely hankering.

I’ve been to Sacramento Greyhound Station loads of times. Almost every bus travelling up or down the US west coast will pass through there. Unfortunately the old downtown bus station has been replaced by a more modern facility located about a mile and a half out of the city. With my now minimalist luggage, the walk to the hostel wasn’t too bad. The hostel in Sacramento was a good one. The location seemed a bit odd. It’s an old house set among a series of government buildings right in the centre of Sacramento. You wouldn’t really describe the area as residential. Presumably that’s because this beautiful wooden house predates any of the surrounding structures.Due to its preservation status, it can’t be bulldozed to be replaced with a block of flats.

By the time I was all checked-in, it was past 4pm, leaving less than an hour of daylight to explore Sacramento. There’s the California State Capitol building (where Governor Schwarzenegger used to be in charge), a couple of landmark bridges, and the odd other nice building that are worth seeing.  Otherwise most of Sacramento seemed to consist of largely sterile and rather generic government buildings. In hindsight, I completely missed out the Old Town area which looked quite nice when I passed it on the bus out of town tomorrow. Sacramento seemed to be a bit quiet tonight. A lot of the city centre is currently a building site, with a new arena and shopping centre under construction. The only trouble is that all of this is being built on the site of the old shopping mall, meaning that I couldn’t easily find many amenities.

The National Bowling Stadium
Sacramento International Hostel
California State Capitol
Sacramento Cathedral
Tower Bridge
Made it for sunset