There must have been some sort of schedule mix up along the line. In my head I thought that I had a full day in Phoenix today before leaving tomorrow afternoon. Therefore I’d arranged to get a tattoo done this morning. The plan for tomorrow was to go and see what supposedly is one of the best Frank Lloyd Wright houses and its accompanying museum. However I noticed the other day that I was flying out of Phoenix tonight. I didn’t want to mess the tattooist around so therefore Frank Lloyd Wright would have to remain on the to-do list.

The tattoo came out nicely. The artist seemed to like rabbiting on a fair bit. At £1.50 a minute I was subtly trying to curtail this, short of telling them to shut up and get on with it! That said I was only charged for 2 hours despite it taking almost two and a half, so fair play to them. Unfortunately I hardly got to see any of Phoenix aside from the airport, light-rail system, hostel and tattoo shop. Hence the lack of photos today.

My next destination was Lake Tahoe. I looked into the possibility of getting the bus there from Phoenix. Surely with it being located on the Nevada/California border and these states bordering Arizona it couldn’t possibly be that far? It is far though. Almost 800 miles! Also Lake Tahoe doesn’t have a Greyhound Station. It’s probably a bit posh for that sort of thing. By far the easiest way of getting there was flying into Reno and getting a shuttle bus to South Lake Tahoe. The shuttle bus only seemed to drop off on a route containing the higher end establishments. My hotel certainly didn’t fall into that category so I had to walk the last few hundred yards.

On this trip I’ve done pretty well with finding reasonable accommodation. The cheaper motels vary quite a bit in quality. While they’re usually simple abodes, some have been recently renovated or are at least clean and well looked after. This was wasn’t any of that. The room had a funny smell to it, the microwave was rancid and there was food left in the fridge from who knows when. There was a gap in the shower curtain which meant that the bathroom was flooded every time I used it. I did consider complaining but was scared about getting something worse. At least there were no bed bugs here. I always try to do some research beforehand. TripAdvisor is normally quite reliable, providing there are a decent number of reviews. Anything over 3/5 tends to be OK for my needs and usually means that you won’t be staying in a doss house. This establishment seems to have dropped to below 2.5/5 so it looks like it’s maybe going a bit downhill.