It was an early start this morning. As I’m slightly paranoid about missing flights I tend to get the bus/train before the one I need, just in case anything goes up the creek. Hence I was aboard the 5.45am Rail Runner to Albuquerque. Upon arrival in ABQ, I found a popular Pacific Northwest-originating coffee shop to hang around for an hour or so. This branch was at the bottom of a large office block and I watched lots of poor saps passing through on their way to work. Times like this certainly make me appreciate how fortunate I am to be travelling!

I found another good Breaking Bad location to visit, Java Joe’s coffee shop. This was the setting for Tuco’s hangout, which eventually got blown up. Apologies for the spoiler. On telly this place looks as shady as anything. This was down to clever camera angle and a bit of set decoration as Java Joe’s is a really smart cafe. This morning there was a bloke playing guitar in the corner. His hat was tipped, Leonard Cohen-style, and he also appeared to be not too far behind the recently departed crooner in years. During the half hour or so I was there he managed to play Take It Easy by the Eagles twice. The strangest thing was that it wasn’t even 9am!

By half 11am I’d managed to consume 3 coffees. I wouldn’t normally drink alcohol at this hour but still I had another hour to pass. Therefore I returned to my favourite Central Avenue bar. Again I was greeted by the friendly manger who now seemed to view me as some sort of long lost pal!

ABQ Airport (or Albuquerque International Sunport to give it the proper name) looks like the sort of place where not much has changed since the 1970s. This definitely gives it a bit of charm. Architecturally-wise it fits in well with the look of city. The multi-storey car park roof, just outside of departures, provides a great view of the surrounding area.

I’m not entirely sure why I’m flying to Phoenix. In a sense that I know why I’m travelling to Phoenix, but it’s usually the sort of journey that I’d pursue overland. Presumably I must have got a good flight deal when I booked it. The short, uneventful flight to Phoenix arrived at teatime. Phoenix has a nice hostel. It’s located in a residential area close to downtown and is the sort of place you could easily walk past without noticing. A lot of care has gone into the hostel and there’s all sorts of advice on stuff to do in Arizona, which is actually a lot more than I’d have previously imagined. The singer Manu Chao stayed here in 2011, as signified by a signed poster in the living room. I wonder if they made Manu wait until 5pm to check-in and stuck him in a top bunk!

Java Joe’s/Tuco’s drug den
ABQ from the airport multi-storey car park
Manu Chao stayed at the Phoenix Hostel