South Lake Tahoe’s a pleasant ski resort to walk around with plenty of nice shops and restaurants. The majority of the city is located in California but it’s possible to walk across the border into neighbouring Nevada without barely noticing. There’s a road where one side is in Nevada and the other in California. The easy way to figure it all out is that the casinos are in Nevada.

After a pleasant morning stroll I headed back to the hotel to watch the opening night of the World Darts Championship. This is the day when it really begins to feel like Christmas. With the time difference the started at 11am, California time. Fortunately this the only time during my stay that the hotel WiFi worked anything like reliably. At the darts conclusion I headed back out again to find that the weather had changed for the worse. It was raining heavily and there was hardly any visibility, resulting in the closure of the ski slopes.

Due to the inclement weather there was little else to do apart from have a look around the casinos. There aren’t a huge number of gambling establishments in South Lake Tahoe but they’re quite big and fairly smart inside. William Hill seem to have the contracts to run the casino sports books. I noticed that the odds offered here are as bad as their UK betting shops. There were odds of 1/25 on the Seattle Seahawks to beat LA Rams in tonight’s American Football fixture. This result was a much more generous 1/9 on Betfair. Hill’s couldn’t tempt me to part with $5 to win 20c, although as expected Seattle did easily win.

Standing in California looking at casinos in Nevada
Not exactly skiing weather
No ice skating today either