There were more showers to be mopped out this morning. The owner of the hostel seems to have its best wishes at heart so I don’t want to take the Mickey out of his policies. However by getting the guests to clean the place for him may not result in the same standards achieved by a professional cleaner even though this would probably add a couple of dollars onto the nightly rate.

It was another beautiful fresh winter day in Santa Fe. Naturally as would be expected from being a mile and half up in the sky, the temperature was close to freezing but it was also really bright and sunny. I had a look around some of Santa Fe’s numerous art shops, many of which are located on Canyon Road. It was a pleasant way to spend an hour or so, despite almost everything being well out of my budget. Even if wanted to buy something it would have also meant lugging it around the world. It was nice to be mixing with artists rather than piss artists, who I have been more accustomed to crossing paths with recently!

Close to Santa Fe city centre is a short uphill trail, leading to the historic Fort Marcy. This also provides a tremendous view of the surrounding mountains and desert. From here you can appreciate the amazing natural location of Santa Fe. It’s certainly a great place for outdoorsy stuff. You’ve got skiing in the winter, while when it’s a bit warmer there’s supposedly great hiking, mountain biking and white water rafting down the Rio Grande.


Fort Marcy Park Trail
Not a bad view from up the hill