The weather was much brighter today which gave a nice opportunity to get among the outdoor pursuits offered around Lake Tahoe. Yesterday you could hardly see the lake but when I walked down there today it was beautiful. Lake Tahoe itself is amazingly picturesque with the mountains rising over the tranquil lake. It was like a picture postcard scene. What the photos don’t show was that the sandy beach had a strange texture from being part-frozen. There were also lots of nice walking trails to explore. I didn’t fancy going too far off the beaten track though as this is most definitely bear country, as the numerous signs and bear proof rubbish bins remind you.

The Hard Rock Casino had some sort of $1 blackjack promotion taking place. This is pleasant to see in a time when some of the Las Vegas casinos advertise $5 blackjack as though it’s an amazing offer! Apparently the promotion is running until the first flake of snow drops on the Hard Rock car park. Those intent on getting baldderated could use this as an opportunity to play $1 hands at basic strategy in order to drag the complementary drinks out for a while. I played for an hour or so, managing to turn twenty dollars into $24 plus a couple of free drinks and tip for the waitress. At one point it began to snow outside. I inquired to the dealer whether that was the end of $1 blackjack. She said no and quickly changing the subject without elaborating. Obviously the terms of this promotion probably weren’t entirely strict. I suspected this to be the case as I had noticed snow around some other places in South Lake Tahoe. Therefore unless the Hard Rock Casino car park had its own freak micro-climate that avoided snow, there was perhaps a bit more to this blackjack offer than meets the eye.

Nice place for a walk
Be bear aware
A little different from the average beach
The sand doesn’t look almost frozen the the photo
The Lake Tahoe view’s fairly spectacular