One full day is perfectly adequate to see the highlights of what Albuquerque has to offer. There’s quite a few nice buildings downtown and the main street, Central Avenue contains a bit of Route 66. I’ve unwittingly seen quite a lot of this road during past few months in Chicago, St Louis, Springfield, Tulsa and Oklahoma City. A bit further up Central Avenue is Albuquerque Old Town, the original part of the city. This is a nice sightseeing area with traditional adobe architecture. There’s a church in the central square that’s surrounded by pedestrianised alleys containing all sorts of restaurants, specialty shops, art stores and a fair bit of tourist tat. Lots of Breaking Bad stuff is for sale. Just past the Old Town is a section of the Rio Grande River. The view of the river with the mountains in the background is really nice.

There’s a Breaking Bad tour available in ABQ. You’re driven around the main sights of the television show in one of those portable meth lab-style camper vans. I didn’t bother as it was quite expensive and it may not have even been running at this time of year. Also it would have been a bit weird showing up outside the exterior of Walt’s house that is actually someone’s home, or at a random shop where Saul’s office was set. I did stumble across a couple of places I recognised from the show. All sorts of deals went down at the Civic Plaza in downtown. The Dog House hotdog joint also rings a bell.

As well as a couple of excellent cafes (or coffee shops as they’re known locally) on Central Avenue, I also found a decent bar. There was reasonably-priced, good quality beer and the place was incredibly friendly. The manager even came over, shook my hand, said thanks for coming in and asked whether there was anything on the telly that I wanted to watch.

Central Avenue
The beautiful KiMo Theater
Civic Plaza
The Dog House
ABQ Old Town


The Rio Grande