I think I’ve already explained the extremely limited bus service that served the part of suburban Kansas City where I’ve been staying. Therefore the only realistic option for today was to stay around the hotel area during the day before then heading into the city later in order to catch the overnight train to Albuquerque. It was actually quite nice to have a lie in, do some trip research and get my hair cut. I even managed to see a bit of Champions League football with Leicester getting hammered by Porto.

At some point this morning it began to snow. As I’ve got a track record of being stranded in places due to public transport being interrupted by inclement weather, I initially feared the worst. However by afternoon it had subsided and barely stuck on the ground meaning hopefully no potential train issues. I still had a bit of time until the scheduled departure so therefore went for a couple of pints in the Power and Light District, the happening nightlife area of Kansas City. This was justifiable as a bit of alcohol tends to aid overnight train sleeping.

Kansas City’s grandiose Union Station is beautiful. It’s nice to see that it’s still in use today, having been restored to house a science museum and upscale restaurant. Amtrak’s reputation for dreadful punctually has not been evident on this trip and this evening there was yet another on-time departure.

Kansas City by night with Union Station in the foreground
Inside the grand Union Station