I actually ended up sleeping really well last night. It’s not too difficult on these trains as you get loads of leg room, something on par with a 1st class seats on a flight. Not that I’ve even flown first class but I’ve walked through enough of them. It was well after 7am when I awoke, even accounting for passing west into the next timezone that occurred some time overnight. A fair chunk of day on was spent aboard the train with us not arriving into Albuquerque until teatime. You’d expect the New Mexico desert to be hot. At least in my head it sounded as though it should be. However most of the outside scenery was fairly snowy and icy. Presumably this was on account of the altitude that we were travelling at. One of the station stops was Las Vegas. There weren’t many neon lights in Las Vegas, New Mexico though. From the train window it appeared to be a fairly sedate place. According to Wikipedia, the population of Las Vegas, New Mexico is around 14,000. Its main claim to fame is that most of the famous outlaw characters passed through there back in the day.

Until a few years ago I’d only heard of Albuquerque as a reference from the song, The King of Rock ’N’ Roll by Prefab Sprout. I’ll refer to the place as ABQ from now on as everyone else seems to call it that. I don’t necessarily approve of the trait of abbreviating everything with letters but this one makes sense. Then came along Breaking Bad, one of the greatest television shows of all-time. Here ABQ was portrayed as a somewhat gritty place, full of gangsters and meth heads. I was hoping to not come across any such characters during my stay. It didn’t bode well though, when yards out of the station I walked past someone clearly off their you-know-whats. Slightly further up the road was a fella counting out a sizeable wad of cash, possibly gained by nefarious means? It was still daylight too! Everything got nicer the further I walked up Central Avenue towards the hotel. There were signs of it being a trendy area with tea shops, hot yoga studios, animal grooming salons and fancy-dan wine bars.

The cold weather of Kansas City was matched in ABQ. It must have been close to freezing after dark tonight but I suppose you are at an elevation of over 5000’. I never remembered seeing anyone in Breaking Bad wearing hats and scarves though. ABQ always appeared boiling hot on the television!

Snow in the desert?
Onboard the Southwest Chief
This is more like what I expected New Mexico to look like
Can’t see any $1 shrimp cocktail
Made it to ABQ