Lots of places have catchy songs associated with them. When travelling to San Jose it was difficult to get the Dionne Warwick tune out of my head. Oklahoma City is certainly a lot closer to the other major city in the state of Oklahoma than Twenty Four Hours From Tulsa. I still can’t manage to make that sentence read very well but I had to at least try to get the Gene Pitney reference into this cliche-ridden blog! The drive to Tulsa from Oklahoma City was more like about two hours. On account of having a Virgin ISA (which I no longer have just in case any fraudsters attempt to phone Virgin pretending to be me) I was able to convert the bonus Virgin Flying Club points given into Hilton Honors points (sic, due to poor American spelling) and put them towards a hotel redemption. Most of the options were establishments in the back of beyond or on a ring road outside of a city. The best redemption I could find was at the Tulsa Double Tree Downtown. This was a nice hotel and probably the swankiest place that I’ve stayed in so far this year.

The Double Tree didn’t even have a microwave, let alone a kitchen for guests to cook in. It obviously doesn’t cater to such demographics. Therefore I’d be eating out all weekend. I found a nice looking restaurant called Caz’s Chowhouse. On the menu I noticed calf fries. Luckily before ordering I double-checked with Google as to the contents of this dish. It saved the potential embarrassment of asking the waitress when I discovered that these calf fries were a local delicacy that consisted of deep-fried bulls bollocks, if you’ll forgive the colloquial expression. Instead I opted for the slightly less exotic tacos. Seated along the bar was a nice older couple with whom I got talking to. They’d been all over the world working for the US Air Force so had plenty of travelling advice. For a while they lived near Oxford so it was good to be able to converse with Americans who could understand a word I was saying. Afterwards I found an excellent bar, Sound Pony. This place was friendly, played decent music and had some excellent beer.

Nice Tulsa architecture
Some more beautiful buildings
Tulsa looks nice at night too