I previously haven’t had a great awareness of Oklahoma City. My knowledge of the place has been limited to the pinching of the Supersonics basketball team from Seattle, the band The Flaming Lips, the area being susceptible to tornadoes and the bombing during the 1990s.

OKC seems like a huge city, area-wise on the map. It’s definately sprawing. Downtown has some nice architecture, both older and modern, and there’s a particularly impressive Myriad Botanical Gardens with nice surrounding parkland. However it’s a bit of a ghost town around here even during the day, with the only people around seemingly the workers at the huge office blocks. It took almost an hour of walking around before I could find somewhere to buy a toothbrush. Nearby are the trendy Broadway and Bricktown areas, where there seemed to be a bit more happening. Bricktown has a nicely done up canal area and warehouse buildings converted into bars and restaurants. It’s also home to Flaming Lips Alley, in honour of the great local band. It’s hardly a significant thoroughfare though. Essentially Flaming Lips Alley is a backstreet located next to the minor-league baseball park, with essentially nothing on it apart from the backs of a few buildings.

Being a big frugal, I spotted a $2 Budweiser/Bud Light happy hour at Coyote Ugly. I realise these aren’t the best brands of beer available (although they’re certainly better than the lager that claims to probably be the best in the world) but they aren’t a bad option for an unemployed budget traveller. I was vaguely aware of the Coyote Ugly film and I’ve seen a chain of this bar in Las Vegas. I may have possibly even been in the Vegas establishment, although I can’t recall for certain! Initially I was the only person in the bar but soon a group of 3 people came in. This prompted the bartender to start dancing on the bar. Apparently that’s the thing in Coyote Ugly. She was furiously gyrating extremely close to where I was sitting. I didn’t know where to look. It was kind of like a clothed strip show (so I’ve heard). Two more people came in and once the dancing had finished, the young lady started addressing all 6 customers via a microphone. She seemed easily loud enough for this not to be really necessary! I only came in for a quiet early evening beer. Everyone was then handed a piece of chalk and were invited (although it was more like required) to play a game that involved writing answers to questions on the bar. I couldn’t stand this sort of thing with a group of people, while worse for wear on a Saturday night. Let alone at 6.15pm on Thursday, on my own in an almost empty place. I never discovered the outcome of game as I supped up and made a sharp exit.

Downtown OKC
Myriad Botanical Gardens


Flaming Lips Alley