I’ve been on a fair few Greyhound buses over the years but today was the first time I needed to get a connection. To get to Oklahoma City, a change of bus was required in Dallas. According to the schedule the layover in Dallas was supposed to be 45 minutes. That seemed to be cutting it a bit fine. Greyhound only guarantee that they will get you to your destination, not when. The only other bus from Dallas to Oklahoma City later that day was sold out. It wasn’t looking great when the coach left Austin 23 minutes late. I had a bit of a backup plan of getting to Fort Worth and catching the train to OKC (the standard abbreviation for Oklahoma City which saves quite a bit of typing). Although the train arrived late at night, this was preferable to being stranded in Dallas for 18 hours. I sat in the aisle seat on the second row of the bus in case I needed to exit in a hurry but it turned out fine, arriving in Dallas with a relatively comfortable 20 minutes to spare.

We arrived into a dark and chilly OKC early evening. There was a noticeable climatic difference to Austin, having travelled 400 miles north. Here it dropped to around freezing overnight where in Austin it was still t-shirt/jumper weather. I had to get my coat out for the first time in a while and needed to make use of the hotel room heater tonight. The Econo Lodge Inn & Suites Near Bricktown wasn’t bad at all. It looks to have been refurbished recently and ticked all my boxes regarding safety and cleanliness. The location was quite convenient tonight with it located next to the Greyhound Station. The Near Bricktown part of the name perhaps should be in inverted commas though. Tomorrow I’d discover that the Bricktown nightlife area is actually brisk half hour walk from the hotel.