Winter is most certainly coming now and I think that it froze in these parts last night. By the end of this morning I think that I’d seen most of the sights of interest that Oklahoma City has to offer. The Oklahoma City National Memorial, on the site of where the 1995 bombing occurred has a nice park and tribute to all those who were affected. Walking up to see the Oklahoma State Capitol seemed to take ages and gave an idea about how spread out the city is. The walk itself took the best part of an hour each way from Bricktown.

It was early afternoon and I was at a quandary about what to do. The Banjo Museum was tempting, not as I’m especially a fan of the musical instrument, more because it sounded a bit quirky. However I decided instead to go to the pictures. Bad Santa 2 was showing. With it being December it was now acceptable to watch a Christmas film. Ideally I’d like to have waited a bit further into the season of goodwill but judging by some of the reviews, I wasn’t sure how much longer it will stay in cinemas.I ended up getting my own private screening. It seemed a bit strange to be the only person in a large cinema. I really like the original Bad Santa and this version was in many ways a typical sequel, more of the same stuff but not as good. While the original was politically incorrect, yet funny, Bad Santa 2 seemed to try too hard to be crude and often came across as a bit mean-spirited.

After the Austin bar scene, the OKC version seemed like a bit of a letdown. I fancied a beer to break up the walk back to hotel. It was hard enough finding a bar even open before 5pm, let alone one with happy hour or live music. Walking past Coyote Ugly again I noticed that nobody was in there. Without being rude, the lady behind the bar didn’t look as though she was about to get the the dancing and party games going. I ended up having a couple of beers and got talking to her. She’s one of the managers and was behind the bar due to the late running of the dancing girl who was supposed to be on duty. She told me about going to Wales to help with the opening of a franchise there. I don’t think they need a Coyote Ugly to get people dancing suggestively on a bar in Cardiff!

The Skirvin Hilton Hotel
The Oklahoma City National Memorial
Oklahoma State Capitol