Today was another marathon bus ride, back across Texas to San Antonio. I know we travelled  precisely 567 miles because the driver informed us of this over the microphone. “That’s a good trip,” he said. Too right. The driver was certainly no youngster. I wouldn’t have been surprised if he was over 70. He certainly didn’t seem to be up to date with the technology of the day when he told the passengers to, “Keep the tape player volume down and make sure you use those ear plugs.” The driver also seemed a bit old school with the jokes. At one stop he advised us to be back on the bus in fifteen minutes. “And that’s Texas minutes,” he added. Maybe slightly racist but he can possibly be excused such political incorrectness by his senior age and I genuinely don’t think that he was trying to offend anyone. I wonder who he voted for in the election though?

With it being Thanksgiving I was expecting the bus to be very quiet but it was actually  quite busy. A lot of the passengers didn’t seem to be the stereotypical Greyhound clientele. I heard a couple of conversations about how extortionate airline prices were today, hence they were bussing it home. For some reason we pass through a border check-point despite not going to or coming from Mexico. I’d imagine that it is in place due to this road probably being used some by people who shouldn’t be in the United States. I just smiled and showed my passport to the officer.

While checking into the San Antonio hotel I notice that the comedian coach driver was behind me in the queue. Obviously Greyhound are also too stingy to pay for the Holiday Inn on the River Walk and instead use the Holiday Inn about a mile away. Tonight I had hoped to watch the ultimate Thanksgiving film, Planes Trains and Automobiles. Annoyingly it wasn’t on Netflix and I try not to stream films in order to avoid putting all sorts of crap onto my computer. And obviously because it’s illegal too! Instead I watched the only John Candy film currently available on Netflix, Only The Lonely. This is OK but certainly no Planes, Trains and Automobiles. I rarely drink in hotel rooms but I suppose today is a special occasion over here so I tried to get some Samuel Adams seasonal brews. 7Eleven didn’t stock anything that fancy so I had to make do watching Only The Lonely with a couple of PBRs.

The view for much of today