It was nice just wandering around Austin today. Austin is the capital of Texas and the Texas State Capitol (deliberately misspelled due to it being called that) dominates the downtown area. While an impressive structure, its dome structure seems too similar to many of the other state capital buildings seen, such as in Wisconsin, Utah, California, and Georgia. Downhill from this building is Congress Avenue, the main thoroughfare of the city, which crossed the Colorado River. This surprised me give that Austin is a fair way from Colorado although after some reasearch (a Google search) I discovered that confusingly, this is a different river Colorado River to the better known version in Colorado. There’s some nice parkland and paths along the river and kayaks are available for hire, or paddle boards for the more adventurous. Across the river is South Congress, a pleasant area full of cafes, cool shops and hip people walking around. The Austin Motel is also located here, with its iconic and much-photographed sign.

I use quite a lot of public WiFi networks and they often ask users to provide an email address in order to sign in. The network operators will probably argue that this is a safety feature so they can ensure that nothing dodgy happens on their WiFi. However the major flaw in this theory is that you can usually make up any old email address to bypass this. Not that I’m doing anything that I shouldn’t be, I make up email addresses to prevent my details from being sold to some third-party who will then undoubtedly bombarded me with spam emails. I already get about 40 nonsensical emails a day, which is more than enough. Hopefully the email addresses that I make up aren’t real and don’t result in people being sent all sorts of rubbish!

The Texas State Capitol
The Colorado River (Texas)
South Congress