Getting around San Antonio was much more pleasant today than yesterday. I had a few hours to walk around until my Megabus to Austin left.

Without wishing to sound like a granddad, I can never remember Christmas starting this early. Even in Colombia there were decorations going and that was almost three weeks ago. Thanksgiving in the United States signifies the beginning of the holiday season. This  was certainly in full swing today with Christmas songs played wherever you went. And it’s not even December yet!

I’ve been to Austin before but it’s up there with my favourite places in the US. Austin has a great music and arts scene, and is full of young people resulting in a cool and vibrant feel, as the guide books would say. There’s a huge concentration of bars on 6th Street, right by the hostel where I was staying. In fact my room literally overlooked the street. When I say overlooked the street, my bed had a window that could see down directly onto the pavement. Thankfully I’m a deep sleeper and never heard much noise. This was definitely a bit of a party hostel. A pub crawl was just departing when I got there. The hostel rules were quite interesting. I found it quite amusing how they have a “Party Fouls” system. One such foul involved “Using the Restroom Anywhere Except the Actual Restroom.” It seems like a lot of thought had gone into these regulations!

More San Antonio
The general public were allowed onto the River Walk today
The view from my bed
Hostel rules