I couldn’t find any reasonably priced flights out of Charleston, so I moved onward overland. Myrtle Beach is a couple of hours bus ride up the coast. This is very much a holiday resort although this time of year seems to be the off-season. At the hotel there were more workmen refurbishing it than actual guest staying there. Judging by the amount of waivers that I had to initial promising not to partake in rock’n’roll-style behaviour, this place is likely popular with the party crowd during the college Spring Break and summer.

Myrtle Beach has many similarities to Blackpool. Both have miles of beach, two piers, a fairground, streets full of hotels, tat shops, amusement arcades and a fair amount of wasteland. Walking around Myrtle Beach there seemed to be some nice parts along with more tatty areas. Certain elements of society appear to look down upon Myrtle Beach and the people who holiday there, referring to it as the “Redneck Riviera”.

The weather here was perfect for my liking, 70F and sunny. In this climate back home the hordes would have descended onto the beach!

Myrtle Beach
Family Kingdom Amusement Park