It was a good job that I double-checked today’s flight times last night. On my database I had the flight to Dallas as 19.20 but it had been changed to 14.05. I double-checked and American Airlines did send an email advising of the rescheduling. It must have got mixed up among all the other crap I get sent on a daily basis! Therefore there was little time to do anything else this morning apart from pack my new bag. Everything seemed to fit in well although I took care to compress the larger things and use up all of the space. My coat may have made the bag a bit bulky so I’ll just have to wear that while flying. This was fine here but may look at bit daft if I’m somewhere boiling hot like Kuala Lumpur.

Passing through airport security on a regular basis during the past few months, I had the` routine down to a fine art. While waiting in the queue to get the boarding pass scanned, I’d be removing my belt and jacket, putting everything the contents of my jeans into the jacket pockets and have my laptop ready to go in a separate tray before even arriving at the rollers. Often security staff would comment at this efficiency. However today, carrying everything I own with me, it was a bit more awkward. My larger bag, coat and toiletries meant that I used up four trays. Carrying these from the scanner, while ensuring that my belt-less jeans didn’t fall down, was a bit of a mission. `I’ll have to improve this process next time.

The flight initially booked was due to arrive in Dallas (via a plane change in Charlotte) at just after midnight. I’d then have a few hours sleep before getting the light-rail into the city to catch the 7.05am bus to El Paso. However the revised flight time meant that I arrived in Dallas much earlier than expected, at around seven o’clock in the evening. It was too late to make any alternative plans so it just meant hanging around Dallas-Ft Worth Airport for a bit longer. Another added bonus of carrying just hand luggage was that I could stay air-side (and its better facilities) at the airport for as long as I wished.