Most of the previous destinations that I’ve been too were planned out long in advance, albeit with the occasional late change of plans. Now the idea was to travel a bit more spontaneously. My only definitive plan is to go to Asia after Christmas but until that, see what happens. The only Avios air mile availability that I could find out of Santiago was either to Miami or Madrid. As I wasn’t planning on going home, Miami it was. I’ve seen everything of interest to me in Miami so I looked into connecting flight options. I had in mind one of the two classic historic southern cities of the US, Savannah and Charleston. Both places are frequently referred to as charming and gentle. I opted for Charleston on the grounds of it having Avios availability from Miami, a hostel and also I’ve never been to South Carolina before. I was looking at where to go after Charleston. I quite fancied Central America but flights to Belize, Guatemala and Panama were really expensive, on par with transatlantic flights. Hopefully I may be able to find something cheaper next week during the Thanksgiving sales.

With the flight arriving in Miami at 5am and the connection to Charleston not leaving until later this afternoon, I had plenty of time to head into the city. Miami Airport is great for this as there are frequent trains to downtown. Here I wandered around the harbour for a couple of hours, accompanied by the beautiful people jogging and the toy dog walkers.

This afternoon’s flight to Charleston was uneventful. The bus ride into the city however was delayed by a twenty-minute wait at a level crossing so quite possibly the world’s longest freight train could pass. I was staying at the NotSo Hostel and its entrance is in a row of houses with the hostel not being particularly well marked. Walking into someone’s house uninvited in this part of the world is fair game to be shot so I slowly eased the door open. This freaked out the receptionist who said that is how murderers in horror films tend to enter buildings. With the benefit of hindsight, I suppose that I should have just knocked!

After enjoying the novelties of a hot shower and being able to flush toilet paper down the lavatory, neither of which were common occurrences in South America, I called it an early night.