I had an excellent day wandering around Charleston, a really walkable city. Charleston has an abundance of squares, parks, churches, promenades, museums and picturesque houses. The architecture was about as historic as you’ll get in the United States. The French Quality was similar to New Orleans’ in that is contains beautiful buildings. However there seemed to be about 95% less shady people here. Charleston was noticeably touristy with a plethora of horse and cart rides, boat trips, walking tours, as well as souvenir shops all over the place. A cruise ship was in town, dominating the skyline along one side of the city. This probably accounted for why the place seemed busy on an Autumn Thursday (or Fall as they likely call it in South Carolina).

The climate here was perfect with you able to wear short sleeves, while at the same time not getting too hot. However the bright sun, along with the busy traffic and masses of pedestrians meant that taking decent photos proved difficult.

Charleston had lots of upscale wine bars, fancy dining options, clothes boutiques, and classy antique shops and art galleries. There were also plenty of the regular high street shops, as well as bars and restaurants to suit most budgets. So far Charleston has definitely lived up to its hype.

King Street, Charleston
Another picturesque street
Dock Street Theatre
White Point Garden
One of the promenades