Without stating the obvious, Easter Island is in the middle of nowhere. In such a remote location, communicating with the outside world is not especially straightforward. I had no mobile phone signal, although presumably if you’re on the right network coverage is possible, as it still gave the “Emergency calls only option.” Today was the birthday of a close family member. I won’t say who in case they don’t want their personal information shared with the nine people who read this blog. A happy birthday text was out of the question and my budget accommodation didn’t stretch to WiFi. Eventually I found a small park that provided sufficient internet coverage for a couple of minutes Norman Collier-style conversation. There’s a reference for the teenagers!

That was the 48 hours rapid-fire trip done. The planned 72 hours would have obviously been better but sometimes while travelling not everything goes your way. I just tried to look up another phrase for acceptance of misfortune on Google and on the first page someone who doesn’t speak English as a first language was asking if it’s OK to use the phrase, “shit happens,” which made me laugh! While away I’ve often been asked as to the place that I’m most looking forward to visiting. I’ve normally said Easter Island. Referencing this in the name of the blog may have inevitably set me up for a fall. What if it didn’t meet these expectations, or worse, what if it was rubbish? To avoid looking like a bit of a wally, even if I’d hated Easter Island I’d still have pretended that it was OK! However within about an hour of getting there I knew that I was going to love the place. Without wishing to get too far into a nonsensical cliche, Easter Island has a magical feel that’s difficult to describe. Even without its unique and rich history, the island is naturally beautiful and full of breathtaking scenery. Local residents are friendly and it’s hard to think of a safer feeling place that I’ve visited. The solitude and isolation may not be for everyone but I loved this aspect. It was entirely worth the effort to get there. Easter Island has been one of the most amazing places that I’ve ever been to.

One of the many novelties about Easter Island is that you can walk to the airport. I turned right out of the hotel, walked for about half a mile and came to the perimeter fence. Five more minutes of walking along the pavement next to the fence and I was at the tiny terminal.

Yesterday I mentioned a few of the things that I unfortunately did not get chance to see due to the reduced time on the island. As luck would have it the flight, as we flew along the coast on the way back to Santiago, provided some spectacular views

The flight depart slightly late from Easter Island, meaning that it was after midnight by the time I’d collected my luggage. Although the booking information did not specify a cut-off time at the hostel, there’s always a risk that the reception will be closed and I’d have to convince a security guard to let me in  (normally via the Google Translate app). There’s was no way that I fancied spending another night sleeping in an airport so I chanced it. It was all fine at the hostel. I managed to find my top bunk in the dark and refrained from the poor etiquette of turning the light on and waking everyone else up.

Easter Island Airport
Excellent views from the left window seat