It was another leisurely day spent around Cartagena. There’s quite a few of murals around the city that brighten the place and an accompanying walking tour of the artwork. I’d missed the chance to go on this though, as it wasn’t running today nor tomorrow, Colombian Independence Day. Nonetheless I had a walk around and saw some great stuff.

At some point I passed the unmistakable smell of an Indian restaurant. Wondering what a curry would taste like in Colombia, I went in. Maharaja was really busy. I ordered a chicken vindaloo with a garlic naan bread. The waitress warned me that the curry was hot but it wasn’t overly spicy, maybe equivalent to a moderate madras. While it looked a bit different to what you’d be served back home, the food was delicious.

Cartagena is the fifth biggest city in Colombia so it was disappointing that it has no top flight football club. There’s a lower league team here but their stadium didn’t look much and I’ve seen enough tinpot football at home without watching it while overseas!

Cartagena Clock Tower
A street mural