The electricity went of at about 7.30am. I heard the air conditioning unit click off and felt the room temperature gradually creeping up. Eventually it became something close to unbearable for a pasty person from a country where a week above 20C is considered a heatwave! The power cut covered the whole town, which meant that hardly anywhere was open. Next to the river was a bar blaring out loud music via its own generator and as seemingly the only place in Mompox where you could get a cold beer it doing a roaring trade. The hotel got their generator going at dusk although soon after the rest of the town’s power was restored.

It was a bit of a write-off of a day. I went out for a walk but it was far too hot to got far or stay out for long. Laying in a dark room made it very slightly cooler and there’s only so many cold showers that you can take. On the positive side it was a great drying day for washing. I also managed to do a bit of reading, Stewart Lee’s excellent Stand Up Comedian book.

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