I awoke to discover that all Hell had broke loose in the campsite last night. Or that’s what it seemed like if you listened to what some people had to say. I found the hypocrisy of certain people amazing and somewhat amusing. The less said about what happened the better, as this is a family blog! Suffice to say I was seemingly one of the few people who managed to sleep through the entire incident.

There’s lots of outdoorsy stuff to do around San Gil. I did consider white water rafting but this was cancelled due to the river level being too high/running too quickly following heavy rain on Tuesday. Other options included caving (already done/may also be potentially dangerous due to the water level), hand gliding (no thanks, I quite like being in one piece) and bungee jumping (see hand gliding). Instead it was nice to spend a day in a hammock doing relatively little although I managed to update quite a bit of this blog.

I may have taken the Mickey out of the campsite last night for its compost toilets and solar powered showers. However it’s actually a nice place to stay. Today I spoke to Justin who owns the place and the business is obviously a labour of love for him. A lot of care and attention has clearly gone into providing facilities for the guests. I even tried out the solar shower and the water was warm. Once you got over the fact that you were basically standing naked in a field, protected by some plastic tarpaulin, it’s actually wasn’t too bad!

The solar-powered, open air, air-conditioned shower