This place looked much nicer in daylight when it was not chucking it down with rain. We were at a hostel/campsite on a coffee plantation (or finca as the literature called it), somewhere in the Colombia’s coffee country. The guidebook said we were in Manizales but according to the map we were a good way out of the city. We stayed here for another night so thankfully there was room in the hostel for an upgrade from the floor/campsite. At one point someone left the door open and a chicken came into the hostel room and laid an egg on someone’s bed!

We were given a tour around the coffee finca. The basics were the same as the coffee tour I went on in Costa Rica but this one went into much more detail. Unlike the previous tour, here you were allowed to get in among the plants. There was also coffee production in process within the factory, as opposed to Costa Rica where the plant was empty due to it being out of season. We learnt a few interesting facts. Colombia is world’s third biggest coffee producer. I could have probably guessed that Brazil was number one but never would have thought that Vietnam was second, although I’ve had some really good Vietnamese coffee before. I was also unaware that there are two types main types of coffee, arabica and robusta. Margaret, the excellent guide, explained the difference with the one they produce here (arabica) obviously being the best!

It was free time for the rest of the day. With us being in the middle of nowhere there was not very much to do except relax in a hammock and play cards. This was actually quite nice as we’d rushed around a fair bit for the past few days and covered a lot of ground.

An excellent hostel setting
Coffee production
This afternoon’s vantage point