Today there was eight more hours of travelling up to Salento. There’s been a fair bit of driving over the past fews days. Looking at the map at the end of today, we were almost half way up Colombia. There were no stops of note today although we did call in at a supermarket in order to get the food required for next couple of days of campsite cooking. Everyone was assigned a group in which you’d take in turns to make meals for the others.

There were lots of motorbikes and mopeds on the Colombian roads, noticeably more than anywhere else I’ve seen in South America. They seemed to be the favoured means of transport of choice for young people to get around. Pushbikes were also very popular, both as a method to get around town as well as the more professional looking cyclists on the inter-city roads. This makes sense though as Colombia is a force in competitive cycling.

Lots of pedestrians smile and wave at the truck as it passed through their town. I don’t think it looks that outlandish but judging by some of the double-takes, you’d think that the Batmobile had driven past! Quite often you’d see people mouth the company name, Dragoman, completely perplexed. I’m not sure whether people would wave at us due to seeing a couple of attractive female passengers on the truck, because they’re inquisitive at a noisy vehicle passing through town, or whether they’re just genuinely friendly people. In reality, it was probably a bit of all three!

We didn’t get to see any of the town of Salento today, just a campsite on the outskirts. The site was nice though, with good facilities located near a picturesque stream. I’ve started taking malaria prevention tablets, although technically they probably aren’t entirely necessary until we drop altitude. There were still a few bugs at over 2000m that were happy to bite you though. Despite the relatively high altitude, it wasn’t too cold tonight.

Nice scenery
Not a bad campsite at all