Today I had a walk around Cusco to pick up the last few things required for the Inca Trail – water, cereal bars, underpants, baby wipes and some sunglasses. I found most of these items in a modern shopping mall outside of the Centro Historic. The best place for sunglasses was a tourist tat shop though. If the pavements in Cusco are quite slippery when they’re dry, after a bit of rain they’re lethal. I’d have been absolutely fuming if I’d sprained my ankle and missed the trek.

The tour welcome meeting was at 6pm. It seemed a bit strange that the only people there were Tina the tour guide and myself. Apparently the rest of the group were already on another tour and were staying somewhere else where we’d meet up tomorrow. Tina went through all of the necessary information and seemed a bit taken aback that I had no questions. However I’d done a lot of research on the Inca Trail and everything was fairly clear. I was given a duffle bag that I could take 6kg of stuff in. No problems here as I weighed it as only 3kg and that included the sleeping bag. It’s not a fashion show out there! Tina asked if I wanted to hire some walking poles. I opted against them on the advice of someone I spoke to somewhere in a pub that I can’t exactly recall where and when! That was all the preparation sorted and Tina said to be ready for 5.30am tomorrow. It was an early night as I needed to be at peak performance tomorrow. Luckily the WiFi was broken so that was one less potential distraction from getting a good night’s kip.

More nice Cusco scenery