It was a long ride from Puno to Cusco, on the bus from 10am until 6pm. As usual the Peru Hop guide was great. She’d been working since yesterday morning, slept on an overnight bus and was still friendly and helpful today by phoning through meals orders in advance for the dinner stop and later arranging taxis for everyone to get to their accommodation in Cusco. I’m not sure if I was tired that I’d show the patience of constantly repeating instructions to idiots who don’t listen. No matter how many times you say be back on the bus at ten o’ clock there’s always inevitably someone who turns up at ten past, usually oblivious to the fact that they’re late!

I couldn’t recommend Peru Hop enough. They take you to some excellent places and everything is convenient, especially to non-Spanish speakers. Every guide has been knowledgeable and enthusiastic. The price may be a bit more expensive than using public buses but not massively so when you factor in taxis to and from bus stations that would otherwise be required, and discounts offered on accommodation and tours. They also take you to places where it’s difficult to get to independently, they’re safe and reliable, and are a good way for solo travellers to make friends. Peru Hop didn’t pay me to say any of that by the way but if any tour companies would like me to review any of their products to my six regular blog readers (all of a desirable demographic profile) please get in touch!

After finding the way to the accommodation through the narrow cobbled streets of Cusco, I had a couple of beers in the hostel bar before having an early-ish night. It’s a bit of a party hostel and there was a loud music playing that could be clearly heard in the room. Luckily it was a Coldplay marathon which meant that this bland drivel soon sent me to sleep!