It was nice to sleep in a bed and although 9am feels like a lie-in by recent standards, it’s still a ridiculously early check-out time. With thirteen hours until the departure of the night bus to Bolivia I had plenty of pottering and taking it easy to do. Many people from the Inca Trail were still staying at the hotel so it was nice to hang around there, doing laundry and catching up on what had happened in the world since last Wednesday. The major headlines were that Mickey Mellon had taken over the Prenton Park hot seat and Sterling, currently vying with the Venezuelan bolivar and the Argentinian peso as the world’s worst performing currency, had a volatile few days to say the least. On Friday it dropped 6% of its value in two minutes, only to have since recovered a bit. I try not to get concerned about things that are out of my hands but it’s a good job that I wasn’t watching it live as it would have caused a bit of anxiety to say the least. I had one last beer with the Inca Trail group before heading off to the bus station. They were a great group and this enhanced the enjoyment of the trip. I don’t think anyone even had a disagreement, let alone a falling out. Everyone was respectful and supportive of others and we ended up having a lot of laughs.